Monthly Archive: March 2015

Travelogue Venice

May 2006: Travelogue Venice From the Oder to the Adriatic Sea There we had just done something. Somewhat skeptical, I look at the little freshly spruced aircraft whose wings glistened in the morning sun. Do the two Cessnas make the…
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Baltic Sea Flights

All flights up to 3 persons + pilot Big Baltic Sea Flights! For example, you can fly along the coast from Strausberg to Usedom to the “3 Imperial Spas” Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin. Reared on a chain as they move…
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Photo Flights/Sightseeing Flights

Wouldn’t you like to experience this unique feeling, rise into the air as free as a bird, losing the ground under the feet and be considered “above” all times? Maybe you even once appraise your own house from the air?…
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