Cessna 150 | D-EALX

Cessna 150 D-EALX from Arrow Airservice

Photo: © Reinhard Rudolph


  • CVFR Intercom + Headset
  • 2 seater high-wing plane
  • 1 Engine: 0-200 RR 100 HP / max cruise speed: 90 kt
  • takeoff weight:. 726 kg

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Charter rate

Cessna 150 D-EALX

CVFR Intercom, Head Set, GPS
€ 1800,00 / flight hour

Discounts available on the flight time, conditions available in the flight school.

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Extract from the Charter conditions:

The prices are final prices, including fuel, oil and VAT.

The aircrafts are insured as follows: Holder liability, passenger liability, accident insurance and seat coverage. The aircrafts are serviced regularly for commercial use . With full-day charter, the minimum rental is 2 hours 30 minutes. Special arrangements depending on the season and utilization are possible. Training hours are not subject to discount.

We reserve price adjustments to jet fuel prices.

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