Flight School

Photo: © Reinhard Rudolph

Arrow Airservice wants you to fulfill your dream of a pilot’s license.

In a family atmosphere, we support you piece by piece on your way to become a pilot. Our goal is not only that you pass the exam, but to feel comfortable in the cockpit and airspace afterwards. Our expert instructors and professional pilots know how to mix dry theory with practice, and it will be taught to you in a clear and understandable way.

The airfield Strausberg gives us a great base. Direct located next to Berlin’s airports the airfield can be reached by car or train from the city in just 40 minutes. The long opening times and the good infrastructure at the field enables us flexible work and teaching. But best is to get on the phone and make an appointment with Mr Gebhardt. He will gladly explain everything about the flight training over a cup of coffee. And who knows … maybe you already will complete your first flight that day.

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 The flight training in detail

Trial course
Pilot for a Day
Single Engine Pilot LAPL (A)
Radio communication certificates
Single Engine Pilot EASA – PPL (A) FCL
Night Flight Certificate
Pinch Hitter
Check Flights

The dream of flying is as old as humanity itself.
Who hasn’t dreamed already to get up in the air freely and weightlessly as a bird and experience unlimited freedom? Delta Ecco Kilo Kilo Sierra, you can start. You can also follow this call soon – as a pilot.

Basically anybody can become a pilot, because the criteria are similar to those of a driving school. They are only set higher if the flight training is to take place for professional pilots. Training is at the airfield Strausberg with proven aircraft such as the Cessna 150/152 and the Cessna 172.

The Private Pilot Training is the first step in Pilot’s life in form of a continuous flight training for EASA – PPL (A) FCL, ie 45 flying hours. The radio communication training may be in German or English.

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The theoretical flight training includes 80 lessons:

– Navigation
– Technology
– Meteorology
– Air Law
– Special cases and
– Human Performance.

The first solo flight can take place after about 10 hours and the solo flights are at least 10 hours themselves. Many have “dared” this step because:

“If you have sniffed altitude air once, you will hardly be held on the ground anymore.”

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