Pilot for a Day


Foto: Reinhard Rudolph

You have already completed some flight hours on the computer, you would like to know what it’s like to be in front of the yoke and to fly, or you are still without any knowledge and just curious to savor this feeling of diving into an unknown world?

Then come to us, we are glad to help you and in a professional way. We give you 2 hours of theoretical flight instruction and then you fly with an experienced flight instructor for 2 whole hours and experience the flying practice. A rest is also provided to allow the flight to be an experience. You might want to pick up a pilot training afterwards?

You need no previous experience and you will be amazed how clever you are.

Did you know that the single engine flight training can already be started in the age of 16 years and the license may be already issued at 17. For a driver’s license (without supervision) this age is not enough yet.

We can easily be reached by metro (S-Bahn – S5), if you travel without car.

This „special experience“ can also be given away with a gift certificate for any occasion. The voucher holder will contact us and choose an appointment. Then a flight instructor and the associated aircraft is available for 4-5 hours.

Booking: by telephone or online under these designations:

Pilot for a Day:

Make your dream of flying come true!
2 hours of theory at the aircraft and in the classroom
2 flying lessons with an instructor. You can even take control of the airplane – the Cessna 152
Price: € 495.00 for an indescribable happiness

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Including theory part:

  • Basic Aerodynamics,
    Navigation, flight map
  • Instruments, in particular flight instruments in visual flight
  • Aeronautical radio equipment
  • Engine and airframe
  • Airspace control in visual flight
  • The training program will be presented in detail, if interested.
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