Pinch Hitter Course

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The “Pinch Hitter” course – an emergency training for fellow passengers

The training “Pinch Hitter” aims to convey the theoretical and practical knowledge of flying to fellow passengers without pilot-training and in an emergency to put them into position – in case of pilot incapacitation – to take over the control of an aircraft and to land it at the nearest airfield or onto an open field. Furthermore it is even more fun to fly along with a few basic skills of flying because you actively participate in flying and you also may lend a hand to the pilot from time to time.

Possible Participants:

Fellow passengers, wives / husbands, girlfriends, friends

Course start

Anytime by appointment


A medical unobjectionability certificate or even better a medical examination


  • Introduction in theoretical basics
  • Takeoff and landing
  • Meaning and operation of the main instruments
  • Radio communication, how to get in contact especially during emergencies
  • Observation of the weather
  • Fly on predetermined headings and altitudes, and simple turns
  • Traffic patterns


We recommend the acquisition of radio communication certificate in German (BZF II).


5 hours theory € 60,00
5 hours Cessna 152 plus flight instructor € 993,00
around 15 landings with Cessna 152 € 90,00

Total: € 1.143,00
5 hours theory 60,00 €
5 hours Cessna 172 plus flight instructor € 1.199,00
around 15 landings with Cessna 172 € 97,50

Total: € 1.356,50

All fees are inclusive of fuel and VAT. Price adjustments are possible by increase of fuel prices or change of landing fees.